Nei Pori

Nei Pori

The closest resort to Nei Pori in Greece is Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), just 66 km away, other seasonal airports are Kozani International Airport (KZI) 76 km away, and Volos Airport, also known as Nea Anchialos International Airport (VOL), which It is 85 kilometers from Nei Pori.

Nei Pori, also known as Neoi Poroi, is a coastal village in the village of Dio-Olympos. Prior to the 2011 municipal reform, it was part of the village of Eastern Olympos, which had a municipal district. Nei Pori had a population of 733 in 2011 and is part of the Poroi community. The main profile of the village is tourism. It has large and spacious streets and squares.

Based on its location, the village is located on the southernmost coast of Pieria, near the vast and picturesque wetlands in the northern part of Pineios. The village is served by a train station, which typically runs into Thessaloniki.

It is worth visiting Nei Pori as well as the surrounding settlements, as it offers many attractions, especially due to its natural endowments, it can be an exciting getaway. The closest places worth visiting are Platamon, which is a 2,000 enthusiastic right little Greek village right by the sea. Panteleimon beach is also an unforgettable experience, with the opportunity to take a dip in the sea. The village of Neos Panteleimonas may be interesting because it forms a unit with the Olympos Mountains. The village of Palios Panteleimonas is on the other side of the Olympos. Skotina beach also offers swimming in the Greek sea. The Scottish hill offers unique views of Platamon Castle.

Aigani or Egani is also a village located on the northeastern border of the historical and administrative region of Thessaly in Greece. It consists of five municipalities and a total of 1134 inhabitants were counted in the 2011 census.

Kastri-Loutro is located in the delta of the Pineios River, on the shores of the Gulf of Thermaikos, in the Larissa regional unit, about 50 km from the city of Larissa. Kastri-Loutro is known for its many beaches and restaurants, as well as its clean, sandy beaches. There are beautiful views of Mount Olympos, Mount Ossa and Platamona Castle. Nearby is the beautiful Tempi Vale.

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